Caraganza Review 2021 Cadillac CT5-V: Welcome to the New Normal


It seems that our long nightmare may soon be coming to an end. With shots going into arms (I’ve received my two, thanks Bill Gates) hopefully our long period of isolation will come to an end in the coming months.

Of course, we will never return to what was once considered “normal” instead it will be a “new normal,” though I bet many of us will still get our groceries delivered, and even our booze, something I have taken full advantage of for the record.

Those who consider themselves introverts will no doubt look at the past year as their “Golden Age;” a time when they didn’t have to face the real world, a time when the only had to face the world through a computer screen and hide most of their face behind a mask. Most of us, however, won’t miss it. I know I won’t miss hearing such things as “quarantine,” “PPE,” “pandemic,” “super-spreader,” “self-isolation,” “flattening the curve,” and my least favorite of all “social distancing.”

One of the things I miss the most, and I’m looking forward to again, is commuting. I long for the days when I could get in a car and drive to an actual office. Commuting was a bigger deal to me since I get new cars every week. During these “challenging times” (please add that phrase to the ones above), I’ve had little reason to drive anywhere. Depending on the car, some weeks this was a good thing; most weeks it was not.

Last week it was not.

Cadillac delivered a 2021 CT5 last week. I had a 2020 CT5 back in November. That was the Premium Luxury model. While I did not commute anywhere, I did get a chance to put a few miles on it and it was, of course, a brilliant car. A sports sedan that could thumb its nose at the Germans and give all us Americans something else to be proud of: “Ich bin nicht ein Berliner.”


Since the new generation of the CT5 was introduced just last year, there were only some minor updates for the 2021 models. There’s a new 12.0-inch digital gauge display and the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving mode is now an option for the 2021 CT5s.

My latest tester was the CT5 V-Series. Pretty much the nicely loaded luxury sports sedan I had a few months ago, but with a little more “sport.” The V-Series is at the top of the line above the Premium, Premium Luxury, and Sport variants. The V-Series gets all the goodies in the Premium Luxury as well as the Sport model like Brembo front brakes, black exterior trim, a sport steering wheel with magnesium shift paddles and simulated leather upholstery. The V-Series adds adaptive suspension dampers (for improved ride and handling) and electronic limited-slip differential (can improve available traction). Most importantly the standard 2.0 I-4 engine under the hood has been replaced with a 3.0 twin-turbo charged V6 delivering 360 horses as opposed to the 237 of the 4-cylinder (the Premium Luxury I had a few months ago had the V6 with 335 hp).

But there was a problem.

With no commuting I didn’t really get a chance to drive much.  Yes, I did get a chance to put a few miles on it, and yes, it was sporty, and nice, and luxurious, and it had the optional seat massager, and I loved it… I just didn’t get to drive it enough.

Yes, we are coming to the end of the “challenging times.” But I fear our “new normal” may not include commuting, as least as we knew it. Instead, many are talking about a “hybrid” work place, commuting to an office some days, working from home on the other. I guess that will be okay with me. I suppose in the future depending on the car, some weeks commuting a few days will be a good thing; other weeks it will not be.

At least I know that any week I have a Cadillac will be one of the good ones.

Of course, I would like to keep the sweatpants and t-shirt routine. And if I ever hear someone say “social distancing” to my face I’ll slap them.



The 2021 Cadillac CT-5 V-Series

MSRP: $47,795
MSRP (as tested): $63,445
Engine (as tested): 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6 360 horsepower @ 5400 rpms, 550 lb-ft. pounds torque @2350-4400 rpms.
Transmission: 10-speed shiftable automatic
Fuel Milage (EPA): 18 city, 27 highway, 21 combined
Fuel Milage (as tested, mixed conditions): 24 mpg
Base Curb Weight: 3974 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions (Ins.)
Wheelbase: 116
Length: 193.8
Width, without mirrors: 74.1
Height: 57.2
Front Track Width: 62.8
Rear Track Width: 63.9

Interior Dimensions (ins.)
Passenger / Seating Capacity: 5
Front Head Room: 39
Front Leg Room: 42.4
Front Shoulder Room: 56.7
Front Hip Room: 53.7
Second Row Head Room: 36.6
Second Row Leg Room: 37.9
Second Row Shoulder Room: 55.7
Second Row Hip Room: 53.7
Trunk Space (cubic feet): 11.9

Powertrain: 70,000 Miles 72 Months
Full Warranty: 50,000 Miles 48 Months
Roadside: 70,000 Miles 72 Months

Greg Engle