Noble unveils M500 supercar with twin-turbo V6

Remember Noble? The supercar manufacturer from Britain which looked to mix it up with Ferrari and Lamborghini with its back-to-basics supercar – the M600. After a long hiatus, the supercar maker is back with the M500 and things are looking very promising.

The M500 borrows the Ford GT’s twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 which produces around 550bhp. If you are an ardent supercar geek, then you will remember that the M600 was pretty wild to handle. Well, this time Noble says that the M500 will not be as extreme as its ancestor.

Instead of a tubular chassis, the M500 will feature a less expensive glass-reinforced composite chassis. While there will be no airbags or ABS, the new Noble will have double wishbone suspension and a hydraulically-assisted power steering.

Step inside and you will find – surprise! – a lovely six-speed open-gate manual gearbox. Yup, the M500 will feature a proper old school gearbox. Autocar reports that the interior will have Recaro Podium racing seats and a digital instrument cluster. The interior is expected to feature lots of Alcantara.

While the prototype weighs around 1,400 kilograms, we are told that the final production car will weigh just under 1,250 kilograms.

Noble is looking to challenge cars like the Maserati MC20 and Audi R8 with this. Going by that, it is expected that the M500 will cost around $200,000 when deliveries will start in late 2022.

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