Sleeping Giant Lotus Has Something Very Special Coming Our Way

After two mighty new models, Lotus is ready for something big. Since Geely’s takeover of the Hethel brand, we’ve seen both a mass production and limited edition car. Now, its time for something totally bespoke, 1 of 1. The big boys, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been at it for years but Lotus is taking a different route.

Geely is investing even more into its new baby Lotus by opening Lotus Advanced Performance. By the quick render above, this sub-brand means business. A new 70s inspired T125 anyone? Well, it could be on the cards as ex-Aston Martin Q leader Simon Lane explains: “We are going to build the most exciting and exclusive Lotus cars, embracing our exciting, electrified future while also honouring our illustrious past”. LAP wants to engineer halo cars that will “expand the Lotus portfolio in exciting new directions”. Limited editions, exclusive versions of existing cars and custom work is all on the horizon.

However, whilst it is exclusive, its not just fancy cars. LAP will offer factory tours, driving academy opportunities and motorsport support with hampers of exclusive merch of course. In a way, its very similar to the T125 mentioned above. Both were super exclusive (although the T125 due to its sales flop), and both bring a little army of Lotus staff with them to make ownership a real experience.

What do you think this box winged beauty might be? Comment below!

Luca J-V