Predicting McLaren’s 2022 Livery

Template: FELIXDICIT.COM Photoshop: Luca J-V


This morning, the Woking squad officially declared the 11th of February was theirs to unveil their 2022 challenger: the MCL36. This is news has come with two teaser graphics, both with a common theme: grey and hexagonal stripes. Considering last year’s preview which depicted blue and orange swirls, it is safe to assume this year’s McLaren will in fact be a combination of grey and orange. If you inspect the two posts below it is obvious that they aren’t just promotional garb, they are detailed teasers of the livery.


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Using this year’s teaser and Felix Dicit’s template, I’ve created a render of what a grey and orange McLaren could look like in 2022. It features the same orange base as 2019-2021 and maintains a flow like design off the top air intake and side pods. This time however, its grey rather than blue. This grey is in a gradient from the lighter tone used on the initial teaser into the darker charcoal of the “11th Feb” one. The rear section uses similar stripes to 2020 and 2021’s cars just presented in hexagonal shapes. This forms an angular graphic reminiscent of the team’s 2019 job. This rear graphic is taken directly from the teaser released today.

Personally, I much preferred the cool-to-warm contrast of the blue and papaya but make sure to let me know your thoughts on the livery in the comments below.

Luca J-V