F1 Launch Season | All the key dates (Updated 18/1)

As our calendars tick over each day, it is one day closer to the new era of Formula 1. Testing dates are officially out, and three of our knights in shining armour have set their launch dates. Here are all the key dates for pre-season 2022.

Car Launches (in periodical order)

  1. Haas | 4 February
  2. Red Bull | 9 February
  3. Aston Martin | 10 February
  4. McLaren | 11 February
  5. Ferrari | 17 February
  6. Mercedes | 18 February
  7. Alpine | 21 February
  8. AlphaTauri | 14 February
  9. Alfa Romeo | 27 February
  10. Williams | TBC

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Aston Martin


Car names

In case you weren’t aware, all the teams provide a model number to each year’s car which is also used to mark the new chassis. This is because the chassis is seen as a core of the car and is the one thing that is completely different between all the times, even those that have the same engine.

  1. Aston Martin AMR22
  2. McLaren MCL36
  3. Red Bull RB18
  4. Mercedes W13
  5. Alpine A522
  6. AlphaTauri ATO3
  7. Alfa Romeo C41
  8. Haas VF22
  9. Williams TBC
  10. Ferrari F175

Testing dates

In 2022, due to the radical changes, Formula 1 has decided to give the teams 6 days of testing. However, they didn’t want to make it too easy, so its split into 3 days in Catalunya and a further 3 in Bahrain. The latter is also the location for the first race of the season so expect teams to stay on.

Catalunya | 23-25 February
Bahrain | 10-12 March

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